Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Murder of Frank Cali - Gambino Assassination

i am a witness to the black ops that targeted frank cali. there is a vatican led set of black operations to conquer the world, starting with new york, america, and italy (illuminati - mafia in origin). the gambinos and other illuminati families in italy are at high threat, they are being framed as patsies by dishonorable adversaries which originates to a human trafficking syndicate of networks described here. dirty tactics are used (like framing myself as a patsy).

my tweets were on march 9th and march 11th. frank cali was murdered on march 13th, 2019.

the gambino assassination has something to do with the italian satellite that lost it's data, it had witnesses incredibly important in relation to myself.

note: i have been conveyed frank cali will be slandered with flagrant inaccuracy. i heard black ops perpetrators are going to frame him as cheating on his wife, something patently untrue.

the record label frank cali was honorably protecting:
free / donation record label

his records of protecting my record label and multimedia company
and organization ( have been concealed.

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