Saturday, March 9, 2019

Subevil Black Ops: Take Preventative Measures

i am a victim, witness, and patsy of this conspiracy.
in addition see:
satellite security - surveillance hardware threat
algorithmic infiltration threat - world conquering attempt
subevil black ops - in predicting an event it can be potentially prevented
• algorithmic infiltration agendas and a complex patsy system framing individuals to cosmic sources who have deleted, doctored, and shifted space program records (to both sides of the space program polarity). the factions with standards in the shadow government are being identity replaced in history in cosmic records (a way to appeal for this is to ask for a review of disorder before records are replaced in other solar systems). profiles are being inverted to the subhuman traffickers, the ethos behind this type of agenda are an inspiration for the term subevil.
• 1 dollar bill agenda [universal aspects 1 dollar bill article]. the 1 dollar bill agenda: taking the occult vision owl and eye of providence out of the 1 dollar bill (potentially the perfect green coloration) while framing myself and coercing federal reserve ai's - i value the 1 dollar bill as my favorite artwork in the world. more information:
• the conquering of the cia by taking out the factions most able to defend themselves. the dark standards cia is being targeted by the subevil john podesta cia and false light cia. a decade+ long strategy to conquer the world by joseph ratzinger and vatican cardinals, john podesta and human traffickers, u.s. army chief of staff ray odierno, u.s. army lieutenant general john allen. assassinations against the highest strategist cia faction that anonymously protected music (anonymous specifications were forced to this faction - i have been accused of doing this while writing this via neural interfacing): a sublight and false light source in the cia is quoted to be propped up to take the credit for the music preservation (an abominable psyop). john podesta's cia faction is a double framing mechanism versus the dark righteous cia.
• the disempowering of the italian illuminati by the vatican, jewish cia - led by john podesta, u.s. military, israeli mossad, confirmations from the spectrum of compromised u.s. military ai's and pure intent false witnesses, vague agreement compromised black ops sources who do not agree with the operation, algorithmically infiltrated military networks were a shadow government system stipulation based breach of u.s. military communications, intelligence community infected with algorithmic warfare (joseph ratzinger: "the sexualization of christ is in the first wave"). a legitimate and non-disclosure agreed upon shadow government system is being exploited by a vatican perversion of dishonor
• the order based conquering of the dark standards cia (they attempted to preserve the world's music, operations exist to decredit them of dark music ethos) - there are currently active operations to defund and order neutralize the dark standards non-pedo strategist faction of the cia with primary approaches by jewish sources and john podesta: those that can put up a fight in the current world conquering attempt are being set up - note: the cia they are trying to conquer are one of the only algorithmic coercion secure entities in the world - deletion of their ai with patsies is a threat
• innocent u.s. military are patsies and part of a complex "apex" deception system - those that have resisted the subevil of the situation such as james mattis are targets. the u.s. military is also compromised against myself due to forced speech and surveillance fraud
• the u.s. military wants to dominate surveillance - the compromised u.s. military led by u.s. army chief of staff ray odierno who has strategically infiltrated a spectrum of organizations with focuses on surveillance and neutralizing perception of the true nature of the syndicate's actions. (marines were said to be the most resilient to raymond odierno's infiltration). it is credible that the subevil jewish faction of the cia led by john podesta (hillary clinton's handler) and ray odierno's covert military network are the most active in surveillance fraud in the world - they have men in every u.s. military network with extraterrestrial contact.
• algorithmic conquering of russian surveillance by the u.s. military is an active 2019-2020 operation
• the takeover of the u.s. military by u.s. army chief of staff raymond odierno and u.s. army lieutenant general john allen - john allen was chosen in a similar model joseph ratzinger excells in, not the intelligence of the situation: chosen for agenda alignment - the u.s. military was quoted as being an "impenetrable deception", cosmic sources on both sides get surveillance fraud originating from the u.s. military - james mattis is a patsy and needs independent surveillance from the u.s. military - cosmic sources have been given false data for over a decade from the u.s. military to set up the conquering of the shadow government: both light polarized and evil extraterrestrials have been deceived with u.s. military surveillance fraud - part of the 'impenetrable deception' involves models mapped as "fallen angel strategy": truth/illusion based binary strategy such as false witnesses, false testimony, non-factual ai - binary ai's of each witness, impersonations, surveillance fraud, deletion of evidence that is not actually monitored, team changes on both sides of the extraterrestrial spectrum when progress is reached, data mining of the full spectrum of extraterrestrials, theft of tactics - science - ideology, neuro-framing, identity replacement, records doctoring, philistine record deletion, the innocent framed as guilty, the guilty framed as innocent, the destructive effect of trust, evil on evil (like black on black), preying on vulnerabilities, relying on targets not having apex dirty tactics mapped, body design psyop, body control psyop, body function psyop...
• part of the conspiracy is the guilty deceiving pure intent military. breached: ray odierno - memory programming scan would yield evidence - the u.s. military perpetrators are extremely precise with memory - reverse psychology with implanted memory mechanics have been a focus
• u.s. military and vatican subevils are identity replacing historic cosmic records, the heros of this situation are experiencing records doctoring and identity replacement in cosmic records. a quote: "we are going to take their [wives]"
• hardware alteration of amazon satellites by the u.s. military. a u.s. military exercise deceptively from an innocent network aligned to patsy framing (potentially with an allegorical name) near or on the date they will be or were set up to be altered - setup: inter-planar component based hardware that is phase shifted and physically projected away with energy weapons upon any sign of inspection. a potential solution is dual plane inter-planar mechanics.
• the full spectrum provocation against a central patsy (myself)
• the framing and theft of the ideology of the spirit of the universe & all knowing spirit of the galaxy from the masons and myself (see: chapter 2 - spirits & spirituality)
• the deletion of nazi records - the distortion of nazi records (the deepest allegory: christ was a family member of nazis since his horus days)
• the deletion of the origins of the egyptian goddess maat - the ideology of maat was record deleted and distorted in space programs - the true history: the individual brainwashed about with christianity was maat's partner horus - horus was a family member of nazis - the vatican is an enemy of christ and has the antichrist as a hitler youth, an improbable source for the record deletion of nazis already taking place within space programs
a full spectrum theft operation against universal aspects™ including false claims of ownership or affiliation in the vatican, john podesta cia, and u.s. military. there are unlikely heros of my life in the italian illuminati and cia... - false intellectual property theft claims against myself - false plagiarism claims (my entire career
• u.s. military assassinations of those with dark quality and standards - those who witness christ's life [reference]
• scottish masonry assassinations
• elevating the sublight / false light cia - lowering the dark standards italian and columbian affiliated cia - - framing the human trafficking affiliated cia as innocent to cosmic sources with plans they eventually conquer the cia
• the vatican empowering within the illuminati - human traffickers elevating in the illuminati
• the assassination of evelyn de rothschild with nathaniel eventually taking over - the soul programming of guy de rothschild's next incarnation (someone needs to protect him)
• the potential assassination of queen elizabeth - the framing of prince charles
• the eternal ruination of christ while framing for intellectual property theft - christ incarnations: horus, alexander, joshua, gallileo, beethoven, leonardo da vinci, achilles (allegedly), sun tzu, miyamoto musashi, william shakespeare, thomas jefferson, tesla, bob marley
• identity replacement of christ - soul warping until no longer discernible
• a fraudulent rapture thefting christ's ideas - framing @EsotericExposal as the hero
• an opposite branding of spirit ideology - a global first contact agenda
• an opposite branding of seattle, washington based psyop for global first contact
• an opposite branding of eugene, oregon (christ's birth location) psyop
• the deletion of music from history - hard drive replacement of songs such as "Not Sorry" by the cranberries, the album money motivated by full time soldiers, violent by design by jedi mind tricks, "Running Up that Hill (A Deal with God)" by kate bush
• the concealment of true history to cover up the nature of the truth - perpetrated by the vatican, u.s. military, jewish cia, cia connected human trafficking networks, human trafficking compromised false light sources, algorithmic or agreement compromised sources - such as amazon: they need to be shown betrayal and patsy plans and develop an agreement negation system (e.g. hardware alteration of satellites which may be used for hard drive deletion agendas and amazon with the military or intel community). agendas they do not perceive with vague agreements and automation of vague agreements to carry out objectives they do not agree with. such as the least influential network in the cia about 5 months ago, they have been found to likely be rising with false music preservation credit taken from the cia faction they will be attacking with the jewish john podesta affiliated cia, this sublight cia source has thefted my ideology in attempts to brand terms such as subevil & sublight - an abominable inversion and inaccuracy psyop.
• the trutherbot psyop
• the ideological theft of christ & universal aspects™
• the business theft of universal aspects™
• the month of march quoted to be "a friday the 13th for christ's family." someone defending my record label was murdered march 13th, 2019 (frank cali - a gambino) see this march 11th tweet as evidence 2 days prior to frank cali's murder with 6 shots to the chest. see this march 9th tweet for similar evidence.
• joseph ratzinger and the vatican - retired pope current pope and cardinal - the antichrist - former hitler youth perpetrating a nazi deletion and record doctoring campaign versus truths
• john podesta and his vatican connected cia
• u.s. army chief of staff ray odierno and his covert military network - ray odierno has comprehensive u.s. military administrative access (e.g. army and navy, allegedly he encountered resistance from his infiltration of marines)
• tony podesta (podesta is a front last name - he may be italian) - might be the only network lead that honored a concession
• john of god (2+ people are behind this name - joao de faria is an effective cover story) - the higher one wears a black hat and is caucasian - profiled to be a bible prophet
• lieutenant general john allen - leads operations with his poor taste as the employer/handler approach
soul theft - eternal murder (patsies include reptile space programs)
potential patsies - truth activated
• lucifer and christ (both extraterrestrial related individuals - reptile and human)
• reptile space programs - they had dark standards and did not agree with soul destroy
• a cia faction targeted by 2+ cia factions
• illuminati who have saved christ
• italian illuminati and cia who preserved my record label in it's reincarnation (
• truth about two factions of the cia have been potentially lost in misdirection in cosmic perception in the last 1-4 years with 2015 and 2018 as data points
• general james mattis and his ai systems are currently communications suppressed and set up to be patsies. james mattis was noted as a top strategist of the military and is being ratings and record doctored by abominable u.s. military sources
• a war between truth and deception - a war between shadow government sources with standards and human traffickers: starting with the elimination of the witnesses through projection based framing (phillip douglas walker, general james mattis) - human traffickers have exploited awareness vulnerability and utilize apex dirty tactics which are not quite mapped (an example of apex dirty tactics: body function psyop)
• masons with dark balance as soul qualities - see: 1 dollar bill agenda - masonic and universal aspects spirit ideology
• order of the black sun nazis - nazis are a target of guarded operations versus christ
• british royals

"what if christ looked around and saw the planet symbolically cannibalizing his flesh,
drinking his blood, adorning jewelry & buildings with symbols of his assassination,
elevating him to unreachable god status, and if he told them of his identity he
would be off to the psyche ward and drugged." ~phillip douglas walker
see also: the dolores o'riordan assassination
note: my testifying of subevil on evil betrayals (like black on black mechanics) have been fully weaponized against myself by shadow government sources. the quality shadow government could not anticipate a light polarized dark loyalty over a subevil betrayal and apex dirty tactics are a high vulnerability

i am aware of vatican, u.s. military, and jewish cia eternal murder targets: dolores o'riordan - the cranberries lead singer, the targeted individual rupture corruption, myself, my mother kim williams currently kim lovato, my father kip walker, the best nazi black project scientist from the 20th century: records of his affiliations with christ were doctored by a former hitler youth in the vatican

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  1. frank cali (a gambino) was assassinated march 13th. he was someone who preserved my record label. i witnessed a vatican death threat to him and he was subsequently murdered. to contact me please email


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