Monday, March 18, 2019

Soul Bonding Biological Hardware Facility - Watertown, South Dakota

written by universal aspects founder phillip douglas walker / christ - (see a photo of myself from 2008).

extremely important: i was part of a soul saving operation with this facility, i am now threatened with soul theft. the positive influences (minus the imposter ray odierno) at the facility deserve full clemency in the spirit of their actions. perpetrators and patsies are listed below, patsies include everyone who saved a soul with christ. i made concessions with facility administrators that if they honored saving souls scheduled for soul destruction by the vatican i would fight for their clemency in my rightful authority as christ (born march 14th, 1984 sacred heart hospital eugene, oregon). the dark hats who have saved individuals have all been added to a christ vindication and an antichrist framing list with false blame mechanisms. in my strong opinion the facility should not be deconstructed; it is a spirit of this galaxy that is historic, valuable, and priceless. (see: maribeth). the facility was said to save the souls of mother mary, the secondary messiah, guy de rothschild, natasha bedingfield, and frank cali's brother (all ruined if the enemy's signature was present). i arranged more hardware to save souls until the soul theft war is over.

see also: subevil black ops article.
pictured: soul bonding biological hardware facility - one of the locations of hell
left: larger biological hardware for increased limits - right: refined hardware
location: red cross facility - watertown, south dakota
symbology of the soul bonding biological hardware facility
• black: blacked out - the occult - the unseen
• white: white out - the unknown - the unspoken
• above: white lights with blue emotions emitted
• appears to be 50/50 balance with black/blue and white
• scarlet red: blood - vampirism - hell
• electricity: "the matrix" allegory - inverted: electricity vampirism into electricity based hell
blood is a necessity for soul bonding hardware, this is why soul bonding biological hardware facilities are currently within or closeby blood banks or hospitals (psychiatric wards are a tactical attraction).
noted: flat ground for an underground facility - abnormal doorways - red brick.
victims have blood taken for soul bonding hardware purposes.
alternate facilities include hospitals with psychiatric wards.
providence hospitals have been chosen for their symbolic name
and are planned hells of the pacific northwest.
inter-planar doorless underground entry is possible.
blood bank vampirism allegory.

the victim in the breached photograph - william pinna - (with a doctored twitter profile photo)
download a file on william pinna

a soul theft war will be covered in the remaining segments - a work in progress

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