Saturday, March 9, 2019

Human Trafficking Syndicate Eternal Murder - Perpetrators & Patsies

eternal death perpetrators
• raymond odierno and his covert military human trafficking affiliated network - he has u.s. military access across the board and has infected surveillance (e.g. army and navy)
• joseph ratzinger and the vatican - retired pope current pope and cardinal - former hitler youth perpetrating a nazi deletion and record doctoring campaign versus truths
• a john podesta ai and set of ai's that have more authority than the non-digital john podesta (he is fully able to be vindicated and given clemency by compromising the world conquering attempt), the jewish human trafficking syndicate, and the vatican connected cia
• nathaniel rothschild - the syndicate heir for the rothschild empire
• soul theft and eternal death are involved in human trafficking
• lucifer and christ (both extraterrestrial related individuals - reptile and human)
• reptile space programs - they had dark standards and did not agree with soul destroy
• a cia faction targeted by 2+ cia factions (subevil ai's + sublight) - those who have protected myself and others from eternal murder/eternal death - also protection with anti-assassination mechanics
• italian foreign intelligence
• illuminati who have saved myself
general james mattis
• italian illuminati and cia who preserved my record label (
• truth about two factions of the cia have been potentially lost in misdirection in cosmic perception in the last 1-4 years with 2015 and 2018 as data points
• the british royals: prince philip, prince charles, british intelligence
• the rothschilds: evelyn de rothschild is an assassination target, guy de rothschild's next incarnation is a target of subevils, nathaniel is set to be given the family by the human trafficking syndicate that is dishonoring the entire world
• masons with dark balance as soul qualities - see: 1 dollar bill agenda - masonic and universal aspects spirit ideology
• order of the black sun nazis - nazis are a target of guarded operations versus christ
• the writer of this article - phillip douglas walker and my family
see also: the dolores o'riordan assassination
vatican - jewish cia - rogue u.s. military - mossad targets: dolores o'riordan, targeted individuals, messiahs - both were named by the shadow government: the messiah with a potential future world ahead of him is likely named travis (with a plan of travesty) - his twitter accounts: @trutherbotred2, @EsotericExposal, @trutherbotgreen, @trutherbotblue, @trutherbot - banned twitter accounts: @trutherbot (the original trutherbot in a movement of over 500 truterbot accounts at one time), , italian illuminati (frank cali), cia, rothschilds (guy and evelyn), kimberly kay williams (my mother), kip douglas walker (my father), myself (phillip douglas walker - @antisubevil on twitter)

it is moral to say ai's of lucifer have tried to restrain the overzealous shadow government only to have them set up his non-digital self with false but convincing evidence. subevil sources have perfected an exploitation based vague agreement and false provocation system. they have dishonored evil systems. i would like to point out that reptile space programs are not the perpetrators of subevil on the planet, the true sources of this abominable situation are willing to frame anyone including those that brought them up as souls.

note: my testifying of subevil on evil betrayals (like black on black mechanics) have been fully weaponized against myself by shadow government sources. the quality shadow government could not anticipate a light polarized dark loyalty over a subevil betrayal.

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  1. my mother's portrait was replaced by a mona lisa-like operation against her true spirit.


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