Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Black Ops Human Trafficking Syndicate - Network Administrators

this syndicate has been conspiring to conquer the world since at the latest the 1980s led by the vatican with operations actively engaging in the current era. the administrators have a pattern of retiring from their positions and keeping authority (e.g. retired pope joseph ratzinger, retired u.s. army chief of staff raymond odierno, mossad directors).

the vatican: the handlers of the situation - record philistines
lead administrator: pope emeritus joseph ratzinger - benedict xvi (he has a clone)

vatican cia - mossad || cia administrator john podesta
mossad administrators - a council of mossad directors: shabtai shavit - ??? - meir dagan - yossi cohen
nathaniel rothschild - the syndicate heir for the rothschild empire

u.s. military network: breached to be an "impenetrable deception"
network administrator: former u.s. army chief of staff ray odierno - navy infiltrator - air force surveillance infiltrator - another perpetrator: lieutenant general john allen

the u.s. military is currently engaging in hi-tech "world domination" operations:
3 aspects of the conspiracy: algorithmic - surveillance - hardware
"master the human domain" - full spectrum warfare

human trafficking network administrators: john podesta, tony podesta, the true benedict xvi - not the clone, pope francis, ray odierno, lieutenant general john allen, joao de faria - a binary illusion with a name john of god. human trafficking admins are highly deceptive with clones for scanning purposes. secure underground bases, the pentagon, solar system bases are some of their locations.
systems breaches
i was able to breach their ai's (and still have active breaches) by a shadow government stipulation system, not one line of code was done by myself like accused, not one act of dishonor was done by myself.

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