Monday, February 25, 2019

The Dolores O'Riordan Assassination

image credit: the voice global

i witnessed neural interfacing based communication prior to the assassination of dolores o'riordan (the lead singer for the cranberries), while it happened i was framed for her death. the cause of death was held from the public for a segment of time likely to marginalize awareness of the death cause (drowning). i specifically searched to see the cause of her death due to what i witnessed, it was withheld for about a year. i was told that she would be electromagnetically tortured and allegedly asphixiated by energy weapons controlling her ability to breath (directed energy weapons can asphixiate someone without leaving physical evidence), the official death was alcoholism based drowning (see the slander segment of the article below for more). i was conveyed she would be murdered while being framed as an alcoholic and that it was patently untrue.

the experiences i have had in the last 4 +/- months were thematic and involve experiencing what drowning feels like with negated breathing and the thought of death. it happened to me in the last couple months following it being done to myself in a psychiatric warfare induced psyche ward imprisonment which has been quoted to be happening again if i "do not shut up".

note: january is an assassination month to the sources framing myself, 2017 it was dr. udo ulfkotte, 2018 it was dolores o'riordan, 2019 is an occult death year. dolores o'riordan's music has also appeared to be altered in my hard drive and said to be altered in hard drives worldwide. the song "not sorry" by o'riordan and the cranberries no longer has the perfect voice, the song "pretty" is also a target of degradation. she has been named as a religious institution's prospect for being the reincarnation of mary magdalene. for minor evidence of this: dolores o'riordan's full name was Dolores Mary Eileen O'Riordan.

death threats are part of the constant assaults and vatican proxy based warfare induced into my mind. i was told one of her perpetrators was at her funeral, which was clarifying when the pope was present.
dolores o'riordan slander
album titles: her albums were heavily slandered with antithetical titles to her true character (e.g. "Everybody Else is Doing it, So Why Can't We" a title that mind controlled with themes of conformism while dolores was opposite, a patriot who went against the grain and opposed the establishment

photos: her worst photos have been propagated (i tried to choose her best photo in my view as the article image)

alcohol: rationalized as drowning from alcohol intoxification, i heard she was a moderate alcohol drinker

music alteration: the song "Not Sorry" by o'riordan was altered in black ops oriented hard drive alteration in a conspiracy to replace music in hard drives. the song "Pretty" is also a target. her two best songs in my opinion.
providence st. vincent psychiatric facility
dolores o'riordan's last seen location: providence st. vincent psychiatric facility - incarnated in a clone body approximately 14 years of age - her name is athena, she does not ever speak, she is a vegan or vegetarian, has short dark hair, is humble/modest...
dolores o'riordan's killers: murdered by the vatican and the u.s. military through proxies
dolores o'riordan cause of death: asphyxiated - framed as an alcoholism drowning
dolores o'riordan wikipedia:
the cranberries website:
papacy who have focused on o'riordan include retired pope and current cardinal benedict xvi, pope francis (said to be at her death), and john paul ii (when he was alive). i was conveyed one of her perpetrators would be at her funeral, upon looking it up i saw pope francis was present.

u.s. military perpetrators such as: u.s. army chief of staff ray odierno, lieutenant general john allen

the jewish human trafficking syndicate
the vatican has complex and multi-layered patsy systems, for every subevil there is patsy strategy to shift blame. the vatican has set up others to take the fall for their crimes such as: the british intelligence community, israeli military (the dark standards of israeli black ops), quality italian sources in the power structure of the world (bloodlines are a eugenics operation) - the italian foreign intelligence service - the italian affiliated cia (they have proficient italians within their black ops) and italian illuminati networks are being framed, targeted with psychological warfare about the one comprehensive non-ai witness (myself - i am one of their best informants), general james mattis, the british royal family are potential patsies unless they can defend it well, deeply occulted sources that make people irrational to mention (e.g. reptile extraterrestrials such as lucifer). this is one reason why subevil has validity in being coined as a term.

i have also heard that the cia faction most relevant to music will be framed and neutralized in the midst of the most obscene philistine music operation in history - they were the best source for music in the intelligence community and have been said to be rationalized as deceptive and made patsies as a penalty for all the actions they have done behind the scenes against the agenda of the papacy and the vatican.

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